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2019 年同等学力申请硕士学位综合水平考试



Dialogue One

A. They are due today.

B. That sounds like a good idea

C. Got any plans after the class?


Jenny: Not really. What about you?

Juliane: I've got a course paper to write. So I plan to look for some books and study

at the library. Do you want to join me?

Jenny: Sure. I need to return some books.____2___ Besides, I can also read some

magazines and newspapers there.

Juliane: Fantastic! We can go swimming in the gym after that

Jenny:___3___ We can chill out a little in such a hot summer.

答案: C A B

Dialogue Two

You’ve been saying that forever!

There must be ten here.

Let’s read this book.

Girl: Dad, will you read to me?

Dad: Uh, let me finish the newspaper first?

Girl:     1   

Dad: Well, how about reading the business section of the newspaper together?

Girl: That’s boring.    2    It’s about a bear and a cat that become friends. And these books too.

Dad: Whoa, I thought you said one book.    3   

Girl: My teacher, Mrs Green, says you have to read to me every night, and the newspaper doesn’t count.

答案A C B

Dialogue Three

What is your name?

but that class is already full.

but the computer won’t let me.

You’re a Comp Lit major?

Stuart: hello. Can I help you?

Karen: Yes, I hope so. I would like to register for Camp Lit 287.

Stuart: I’m sorry,   7   And also, students are supposed to register through the touch-tone registration system.

Karen: I know. I already tried to register for it by phone.   8  

Stuart: That’s because it’s full.

Karen: But I’m a new student here. I thought maybe there was some way I could get into the class. I thought I should come and talk to you in the department office.

Stuart: Well, I could put you on a waiting list. But that doesn’t guarantee you will get into the class.   9  

Karen: My name is Karen Huang. That’s spelled H – U – A – N – G.

Stuart: Alright. And what is your major?

Karen: I’m a comparative literature major.

Stuart: Wait a minute.   10  

Karen: Yes, thats right. And Professor Cohen told me I need to take Comp Lit 287.

Stuart: The university computer system saves extra places, in class 287 for Comp Lit students.

Karen: Even if the class is full?

Stuart: Thats right.

答案:B C A D


Once a bed is completed in the factory, it undergoes a rigorous quality control process.

long        B. complex        C. strict        D. complete

It saved them an hour during a procedure that would normally take three hours.

merely      B. possibly        C. usually      D. rarely

The universe is presumed to contain many other planets with some form of life.

destined     B. intended        C. expected    D. supposed

The scene has shocked me because it is something alien to me.

unfair       B. unfamiliar       C. unnecessary     D. uncomfortable

The new situation in this area calls for a change in our financial policies.

suggests     B. requires         C. demonstrates    D. identifies

He claimed that he had a wonderful job and was well paid, but his mother knew that he had made it all up.

invented     B. invested         C. corrected       D. collected

Though many people witnessed the accident, they were not sure about the exact consequences.

orders       B. processes        C. results         D. causes

Supported by sufficient evidence, his argument seems to have a great deal of validity.

challenge    B. value            C. truth          D. utility

The supply of silver in the mine had diminished, causing great concern among the people of the town.

disappeared   B. erupted         C. expired        D. declined

A deficiency of soil nutrients can cause the crop to be of low quality.

lack         B. supply           C. number       D. source


11-15 CCDBB

16-20 ACCDA


Passage One

As people set to dinner, I breathed a sigh of relief: the conference was going well. Running is a part of my job as a university program manager working on a project to boost biotech collaborations between academia and industry. When I started in the role a few years earlier, I thought maybe, after years of career exploration, I had finally found the right job for me. But at the conference, I found myself wondering whether that was really what I wanted from my career. I'm a scientist, not an even planner but I had been too busy organizing the conference to appreciate the research being discussed. Was it time for yet another change?

I started off as a lab scientist, but then discovered that the highly focused nature lab work wasnt for me. My next job was at a pharmaceutical company- -conduction literature searches. I enjoyed the work, which allowed me to stay close to research. But I was only offered a short-term contract, so after a year I had to move on. I then became a scientific journal editor. I loved the breadth of science that I was exposed to, but there required a lengthy commute. So, I made another dramatic change and got my current job.

It had become a pattern: I spent a few years in each role only to find that it wasn't quite the right fit. I also realized that maybe I was searching for something that didnt exist.

I began to think about the creative ways to add the scientific stimulation. I sought to my work life. With my previous knowledge and my experience as editor, I realized I had the skill set to do that through freelance and science writing, such as journals and blogs.

With my former colleague positive responses, I finally decided I could do my university job on a less than full-time schedule. Fortunately, my manager agreed.

For the last year, I have been a university program manager freelance and I have never been happier. Wearing the two roles together has been a bit tricky at times. But I really feel have a career is failure to my needs. I have realized that a career is indeed like the shelf, and matched to to go into that.

21. What did the author think of his conference organizing job in Pargraph1?

A. It gave him a sense of achievement.

B. It proved that he was making progress in his career.

C. It was not as meaningful as scientific research.

D. It was too challenging for him.

22. The author left the job as a scientific journal editor because_____

A. it demanded high work intensity

B. he was offered only a short contract

C. he was not satisfied with the pay

D. it was too far from home

23. What doessomething (paragraph 3) possibly mean?     

A. A suitable role         B. An ideal job

C. A balanced life.        D. A fixed pattern.

24. What is the author's present job?

A. He works in a university and also writes on the side

B. He is an event planner and also a program manager.

C. He teaches in a university and also writes books.

D. He is a full time manager and also a freelance writer.

25. What is this passage mainly about?

A. The author’s clear career plan.

B. The author’s changing perception of career.

C. The author’s persistence in the face of obstacles.

D. The author’s failure in securing a work contract.

参考答案:C D A D C

Passage Two

        You’ve probably heard a lot more about “eSports” lately. Major television networks are broadcasting competitions, and even more mainstream media coverage is planned for the new future. What are eSports and why are they so popular?

        Loosely defined, eSports are video game competitions. These can be anything from a local tournament(锦标赛)in a viedo game store to those staged in 25,000 seat arenas, watched live by million of people arount the world. In practical terms, “eSports” refers to the competitions engineered by global organizations that culminate in big-money championship tournaments — dollar figures that can exceed $1,000,000 for winners.

        That second question — “why are they getting so popular?” — is more nuanced. The biggest reason is that fans of games enjoy watching them played at the highest level. It’s fun seeing the top players in the world do what they do best. There are plenty of other reasons the eSports community is growing. All of the controversies, drama, and compelling individuals from the mainstream sports world exist in eSports as well. Top players move from team to team like free agents, retire and return to competition unexpectedly, and experience unlikely come-from-behind victories and crushing defeats. New challengers consistently emerge on the scene, ready to take down championship teams and generate compelling rivalries. The parallels with traditional sports and eSports are more numerous that many realize.

        Perhaps the biggest difference between traditional sports and eSports is the viewers. Unlike mainstream athletic competitions, consumers of eSports are overwhelmingly young and male. For example, over 70 percent of League of Legends viewers are males, and the vast majority of them under 26. This means a couple of things, both of them appealing to advertisers looking to reach this young and profitbale market — the audience will grow as more youngers are untrodcued, and as they get older, their purchasing power increases.

26. It is stated in Paragraph 1 that eSport have _________

A. caused competition among media

B. drawn an increasing number of youths

C. created many broadcasting companies

D. attracted major television networks.

27. According to Paragraph 2, eSports ________

A. can be staged only in local stadiums

B. can lead to a huge sum of award

C. may be hard to define precisely

D. maybe loosely linked to video games

28. The word “nuanced” (Para 3) most probably means “_________”

A. strange     B. outstanding     C. specific     D. complicated

29. Which of the following is NOT a reason for the growth of the eSports community?

A. The stories about the top players.

B. The fun of watching top-level performance.

C. The investment from governments.

D. The parallels with the mainstream sports.

30. Traditional sports and eSports are different mainly in ________

A. their rules     B. their importance     C. their profits     D. their audiences

参考答案:D B C C D

Passage three

Senator Kamala Harris was half right when she said we need to address climate change based on “science fact, not science fiction.” The truth is, we need both. Science fiction has an important role to play in rescuing the future from the huge challenges we are facing — and the responses to Harris’ statement illustrate this perfectly.

  When Harris statement about climate change went out on social media, a number of people pointed out the truth: Science fiction has been helping us to prepare for a world of potential climate disasters for years. But an equal number of loud voices disagreed with Harris’ warnings about climate change.

And thats why science fiction is more important than Harris gives it credit for. No amount of scientific evidence will convince deniers ---or the vast number of people who merely live in a state of denial. We live in a post truth era in which facts and fiction are blurring into an indistinguishable mass and power belongs to whoever can tell the best story, true or not. What matters is just how something makes us feel-- which is why we need better stories, that, in the words of author Neil Gaiman,lie order to tell the truth.

   Stories about climate change might be fiction, but they can help to sway peoples hearts and minds in a different way than a recitation of the undeniable facts. Science fictions creates have been looking for ways to restore peoples faith in the future although as Alexander convinced that who have started to carry out a thing a new type of stories called Hopepunk, that show people reasons to believe we really can do the hard work of fixing our problems. Some other authors are creating a new genre called "Solarpunk" that aims to tell stories about using technological and scientific innovation to help the environment.

   When the truth becomes near-impossible to distinguish through the fog of disinformation and "alternative facts," people tend to feel powerless to change the world. Activist L.A. Kauffman says people need to be reminded that they "have more collective power than they realize" Adds Kauffman, "There are truths we can get to through the imagination that are hard to get to through purely factual accounts."


31. How does the author comment on Senator Harris' statement about climate change?

A. Really confusing   B. Partially true   C. Quite convincing   D Totally wrong,

32. The deniers in Paragraph 3 refer to those who deny that_______

A. science fiction is important        B. we are in a post truth era

C. climate change is a serious issue    D. our opinions actually matter

33. The author cites Neil Gaiman in order to emphasize that______

A. fiction may better convey the truth

B. it is difficult to tell fact from fiction

C. the power of fiction is overestimated

D. fiction makes us feel better about ourselves

34. What do Hopepunk and Solarpunk have in common?

A. A focus on technological innovation

B. A vivid description of the harsh reality

C. An intention to broaden our horizons

D. An optimistic outlook for the future

35. What might be Kauffmans attitude toward science fiction?

A. Appreciative      B. concerned

C. Negative         D. unclear  

参考答案:B A A D A

Passage Four

Many people have looked to the stars and wondered what it would be like to take a trip into outer space. Ever since the space program began, travelling beyond Earth has been a privilege for a select few, namely astronauts. The rest of have had to imagine what it would be like, but that may soon change.

Those who favor expanding space exploration feel that is time to go beyond the government-funded National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) program and to create opportunities for individuals and businesses to explore outer space. Imagine privately financed research outposts in space, missions to Mars, and mining operations on the Moon. The space frontier could indeed be the next gold rush!

Imagine what it would be like to travel in space. Those who have been lucky enough to visit space have an amazing experience. The view of Earth and the stars must be spectacular, and the experience of living in "zero gravity" would be fascinating, The first American woman to visit space, Sally Ride, said that it was the greatest fun of her life. Imagine the thrill of booking a flight for a weekend stay (or longer) at a space hotel. It turns out that a space hotel would be much easier to design and build than the International Space Station; early estimates of the cost to build the hotels indicate that they would be less expensive if the orbiting hotels were built to accommodate large numbers of space travelers.

The space hotel and the other projects businesses might think up would allow people to see what is happening in space with their own eyes. That may lead to more support of NASA and its space research and great appreciation of the funding that the space program now receives.

   Those who oppose expanding space exploration argue that the costs are overwhelming and unrealistic. They point to the billions of dollars that would have to be raised through consumers or corporate sponsorship. In addition, civilian space travel is potentially dangerous, and there are many unknown risks involved.

  Who would determine the safety of commercial orbiting vehicles and how would they be insured? Issues like this require time for discussion among groups from many different business. Companies that specialize in manufacturing, travel, marketing,  

Others believe there are simply too many answers and solutions to put civilians in space any time soon.   There are also those who question investing in space exploration when there are widespread problems like poverty and disease that need to be addressed on Earth. For these people, commercial space travel will remain science fiction, at least for many years to come.

The expression "the next gold rush” (Pare 2) probably means that______

A. gold might be discovered on remote planets

B. space exploration could be the next investment hotspot

C. investors are enthusiastic about gold mining in space  

D. private businesses are more interested in space travel

37. It can be learned from Paragraph 3 that        

A. since visitors regret what they have done

B. space hotels would be very uncomfortable

C. Sally Ride enjoyed her visit to outer space

D. The view of Earth and the stars is boring

38. All of the following are objections to commercial space travel EXCEPT        

A. overwhelming costs     B. potential dangers      C. Unknown risks    D. government opposition

39. The authors attitude towards commercial space travel is        

A. Supportive        B. opposing      C. objective      D. indifferent

40. Which of the following might be the best title of the passage?

A. Civilians in Space                  B. Future of Private Space Businesses

C. Exploration of Outer Space          D. Hotels in Space

参考答案:B C D D C

Section B

If you try to contact Indy Cube (a provider of workspaces) after 5pm, you receive an automatic message that would make a good demonstration for the fast-growing-four-day week movement. Well get back to you pretty quickly during working hours, it says. If youre messaging us outside of these, we re probably busy with other things, like horse-riding, dancing, or good sleep.

The firm is one of a growing number of employers giving their workers an extra day off for the same pay as a five-day week. There is emerging evidence that it can boost productivity for bosses and happiness for workers.

And it is not just small businesses that might be spotting a chance to save a little money by turning the lights off one day a week. One of the biggest organizations to make the switch is Perpetual Guarding whose shift has generated huge global interest, with 408 organizations ...... around the world asking for advice.

This week we have had people contact us from Japan, Canada, the UK, France, Switzerland, said its founder Andrew Barnes. The day off that each worker takes varies, depending on the teams needs at the time, but there has been a change in culture with less time surfing on social media and fewer unnecessary meetings, said Barnes.

However, Kate Cooper, policy director at the Institute of Leadership and Management argues the reasons behind increases in productivity are not yet clear. Cooper said that the Hawthorne effect may be in play; that is people change their behaviour simply because they feel they are being observed in this case they feel that by being granted a four-day week they believe their bosses are interested in their work. How sustainable is that? Cooper doubts.

Comment 1

I dont exactly disagree with a 4-day week so long as I still have the option to work 5 days and get more money for it.

Comment 2

Middle class conception of work-life balance. Its an interesting idea, but so much needs to happen in the UK before this becomes an option for the majority.

Comment 3

For these reasons, I feel there is actually...... producing less staff in order to reduce the stress on ou planet.

Comment 4

I thought this was supposed to be here 20 years ago with the advances in technology.

Comment 5

3 days off a week? Preparing for 7 days off a week.

What can we learn about Indy Cube?

It is one of the biggest providers of workspaces.

It is the first company to start the four-day week.

Its boss should be happy with a higher productivity.

Its employees are worried about their future income.

Barnes thinks four-day week schedule       .

will soon be adopted by other companies in the world

has made a positive impact on his companys culture

benefits big companies more than smaller ones

has greatly enhanced his workers sense of wellbeing

By the Hawthorne effect, Cooper suggests that the effect of a four-day week is       .

obvious     B. lasting     C. beneficial     D. uncertain

Which of the following suggests that the four-day week is currently enjoyed by only a small part of the work force?

Comment 1     B. Comment 2     C. Comment 3     D. comment 5

Which of the following expresses that greatest concern about the four-day week?

Comment 1     B. Comment 2     C. Comment 4     D. Comment 5

参考答案:C C D B D


Cloud computing(云计算)means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. It   46   computing over a network, where a program or application may run on many connected computers at the same time.

For some, cloud computing is a metaphor(隐喻)for the Internet. It   47   uses connected hardware machines called servers. Individual users can use the servers processing power to run an application, store data, or   48   any other computing task.

For business, cloud computing is an ideal way to reduce   49   . For example, companies may buy services in the cloud. That is to say, instead of   50   applications on every single computer in the company, cloud computing would allow workers to log into a Web-based servicea cloudwhich hosts all the   51   individual users would need for their job.

While cloud computing could change the entire computer industry, there are still some   52   about the security of the data stored on the remote machines. It is true that it promise to save a lot of work. However, this technology   53   a fundamental question. Is it safe to store ones data on someone elses computer? The cloud service provide needs to establish relevant policies that describe   54   the data of each user will be accessed and used. Cloud service users should also to encrypt(加密)   55   that is processed or stored within the cloud to prevent unauthorized access.

A. predicts
A. necessarily
B. possibly
C. typically
D. really
A. get
B. perform
C. show
D. assign
A. expenses
B. money
C. income
D. profits
A. writing
A. schedules
A. concerns
A. proposes
A. whether
A. system

参考答案:B C B A D         B A D D B



Text one

  56   the balance back to yes

help people   57   from depression and stress disorder

  58   they could

For decades, scientists have debates whether the cells was possibly in an area of the brain that is responsible for learning, memory and mood regulation. A growing body of research   59 , but then a Nature paper last year raised doubts. Now, a new study   60  

If the memory center of the human brain can grow new cells, it might   61   and offer new insights into memory and learning. If not, well then, its just one other way people are different from rats and birds.

答案:C A B             C A B


Text Two

  62   female worker to wear high heels

  63   a movement to end the requirement

launched an online   64  

Woman across Japan are fed up with having to wear high-heeled shoes to work. One woman is so fed up that she   65   for female employees to wear the shoes. The movement has the #Kutoo. This is a combination of the Japanese words Kutsu (Which means show) and Kutsuu (which is the Japanese word for putin). The movement was started by Japanese actress Yumi Ishikawa. She tweeted about her belief that employers in Japan should not   66   . Ms. Ishikawa also   67   . It asks Japans Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to forbid employers from requiring women to wear certain types of shoes.

答案:A B C        B A C

Text Three


important to support   68   growth

Plant-based juices and other   69  

  70   with a unique nutrient package

information on consumer   71   and understanding

In July 2018, the debate over how to define milk in the future was brought to the forefront when the FDA began examining   72   of plant-based foods and beverages. With the exception of certain soy beverages,   73   are not appropriate to replace milk as a main beverage choice, particularly for young children. Drinks made from almonds or other nuts, oats or coconuts often contain little or no protein and lack of other key nutrient   74   nutrient. Dairy milk has the most balanced distribution of energy from carbohydrates, protein and fat,   75   that can be difficult to replace in healthy dietary patterns.

答案:D C A B       D B A C             


In life, once on a path, we tend to follow it, for better or worse. What’s sad is that even if it’s the later, we often accept it anyway because we are so accustomed to the way things are that we don’t even recognize that they could be different.

Here are some techniques that could help broaden the way you think. First, look as if you’ve never seen. “Beginner’s mind” allows you to remain open to new experiences despite any expertise you may have. Then, shift into positive. Take a few moments to think about the things in your life that are going well. This will brighten your mood and free your brain.




Ways to live a simpler life in modern world


   There was an interview a few years ago, in which a reporter asked Ma Yun, the most successful businessman with a huge fortune in China, when he felt the happiest? To everyone's surprise, he answered it was his teaching period with very little salary instead of those busy days when dealing with various affairs. Living in such a fast-pace society, we do forget how to relax ourselves and to refresh our mind in order to live a simpler and more comfortable life.

   We could attribute this social problem to the common pursuit of money and material wealth. After all, it is indeed that money-oriented market is everywhere and almost everybody goes after the biggest benefit he can get. To live in a simpler way, it means firstly we should put such a
distorted value aside and look for something more worthwhile to treasure such as family, learning, and personal achievement. Apart from the pursuit of money, we should also be away from the smartphone. Imaging a young man staring at his phone for over 12 hours a day, how unhealthy and busy he will be! As for the last measure, I am fully convinced that going to the outer world can truly help. We could leave some time for family trip, to take children to the park or just to have a walk for a while after dinner. These are simple and efficient ways for us to calm down and relieve the pressure.

   Along with the popularity of free parks and museums, we believe that more and more attention are paid to slow down the rapid pace of people's lives. As for individual, we could try best to live a simpler life and at the same time look forward to a harmonious society.